What our Customers say...


Thanks to all the people involved with this process. You have all been courteous and efficient. I do appreciate your hard work. 

The staff that came here every day worked so hard - never taking breaks. They are so nice, professional & courteous. They are super helpful, also always taking a minute to stop and answer any questions that we have. They have been truly awesome to work with. I'd do anything to keep them! 

SERVPRO was impressive with the time it took to come out to assist us with their equipment. Sara and Michelle were great in extracting the water from our carpets.

SERVPRO emergency response team was timely and they have been very good, very understanding of going through a loss such as this.

SERVPRO team took time to handle the emergency we had. Thank you for your friendly help.

Very much appreciated the morning updates by Michelle. Kyle was very polite. We were very happy with SERVPRO and rate them a 10 for their hard work. 

When a big storm hit the area, our power went out stopping our sump pump which then flooded the basement. Our little fans just couldn't get the job done. Those SERVPRO fans sure dried up the basement fast! Thank you!

They were really great. I had lots of questions and they would stop what they were doing and answer the best they could. We were really appreciative of the quality, timely attention and knowledge they provided for us. 

I am absolutely appreciative of all the hard work that each person put into helping fix my home. Rich, Keith, Duane, Dan and especially Gene. Thank you all so much!

I had faith that the professionals from SERVPRO knew what they were doing. They did a great job!

Excellent crew & team! Thank you so much. Thanks Michelle, such a sweetheart & very grateful. Thanks for being attentive.

Courteous Crew, the work looks good! Very respectful and willing to do what is needed to get the job done. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving.

SERVPRO provided emergency services for me and I am very satisfied with them.

I recommend SERVPRO to anyone I know. I was very satisfied with their work.

I am beyond satisfied with the work done for me by SERVPRO. A sound barrier would have been nice but overall, good job. I will miss my morning call with updates. She did a wonderful job. 

Just keep up with the thorough communication on what you are doing, what will happen next etc. Your staff is absolutely AWESOME!!! SERVPRO services met my satisfaction. 

"I want to express my gratitude for the excellent work done in restoring the flooded basement. 

Thank you"

"The crew from SERVPRO was polite and helpful. They were attentive to the need at hand and kept up on the process of the job. They were professional and we were impressed with their service. I would use them again if needed and for sure we will recommend them to others." 

The SERVPRO staff clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process and were very professional. I would use them again in the future if need arises. I recommend them to anyone. They were amazing, quick, friendly, hard-working and I saw no improvement needed!

Very pleased. They did an awesome job. It almost looks like we replaced the carpet. I will definitely be using you guys again.

The mold growing in the attic really scared my wife. I'm glad to say that you not only made her feel better about the situation but also removed the problem and its cause all at the same time.

Highly impressed and absolutely appreciated the SERVPRO employee that came to my house. Thank you very much!

My husband and I woke up one night to a flooded basement. Come to find out our sump pump failed and water had backed up into our fully furnished basement. I called my insurance and SERVPRO came out and were very punctuation, kind and knowledgeable to all my questions. Thanks to them they eased my mind and my basement was dry with in a couple days.   

We had an issue at 1130 at night with standing water in our basement. The lady who took all of my information was so delightful to talk to. She was so nice. The guy who came out to work on our house told us he’d be at our house in a few hours and that they have a window of up to 4 hours to be at our house. He showed up in 2. They worked really quick and made sure everything was very dry! I couldn’t be happier with how things went! Thanks SERVPRO

Thank you for helping and making this terrible loss much more stress free. Your crew was so kind and professional; thank you for taking time to be extra careful with my belongings!

The crew at SERVPRO was so fast and professional. You took so my stress off me when you showed up! Everyone was so helpful and understanding.

Thank you for coming out and cleaning the glass off the floors and securing our window before we left for vacation! It made us feel more comfortable knowing this was taken care of by such a professional company!

Thank you to SERVPRO for coming out to my home and helping board up my windows after they were smashed by tree branches!

Thank you for making everything happen so fast! We greatly appreciate the professionalism!!

Everything was professional and everyone was courteous and very knowledgeable! Thank You

Thank you for your very fast response & knowledge! You answered any and all questions we had! Your company personnel are so very friendly! Thank You

Thank you for the excellent service! Your response time was great and customer service was unbelievable! I will be highly recommending your company!!!

I want to thank ALL of you for all your help & great job, you were all so NICE!! So thank you for making this loss so much easier!

Just want to express in a small way our appreciation for your hard work these past few weeks.

Your great attittudes and diligence have not gone unnoticed!

It's been a pleasure to work with you. May you and your company be blessed!

SERVPRO was awesome, enclosed with this letter you will find notes from each of the children in the class.  We were so impressed with the work completed and the carpet was so soft. 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! SERVPRO team for helping with our storm damage in the Bemidji area. You were so efficient and were out as soon as called. I think we got to know each other a little to well - Just kidding. Your team was very professional and did what need to be done to complete the damage to our home. I would recommend them without hesitation!

 Thank you SERVPRO of Bemidji, Grand Rapids & Hibbing for your role in our sanctuary transformation.


 Signed by all church staff & members

It was as if angels descended on Sat. Dec 21, 2013. Your fast emergency response in a crisis was as impressive as the 911 firefighters. Gene & Mike - you were steady and calm in all 911 type phone calls we made. Each day you followed through with excellent service and crew. Your level of expertise was top notch. I don't know what I would have done without you. Your motto

SERVPRO "like it never even happened" is truly 100% true. Within weeks our home was back to normal.

Thank you so very much for your help with my trumpet case. What you did for me was so kind and generous. I truly can't thank you enough. My trumpet case hold very special meaning to me and being able to keep it means everything to me. Thank you for allowing that to happen. I hope someday I am able to thank you in person. I will highly recommend your company to others. Take care and Thank you!!

" It surpassed my expectations" " I appreciated their cheerfulness and offers of help" "Clothing I thought was ruined was cleaned! You went over and above in every area of cleaning." " I recommended you to friends! None need your extraordinary service at this time."

"Thank you to everyone for the fantastic work on my house, it is much appreciated. Also for the extra, such as moving, which was a great help to me! Great Work, thank you! Sincerely, Melanie

"Attention to detail. Excellent Work. Provided extra help with moving= above and beyond!"

They were at the house within 30 minutes of calling and didn't leave until everything was set. It really put our minds at ease knowing it was being taken care of and done right!


Everything and everybody was professional and courteous. Everyone was very knowledgeable. A special thank you to Fred and David and all the staff. Friendly and polite.

Thanks for the "goodie bag" of awesome cookies, cider and cocoa. That was so nice of you. Your team did a wonderful job on our house and garage. They look great. Satisfied customers!

Gene, thank you and Brian for coming to and checking our "cabin" for mold and water damage. What a relief to find out we were okay.

I want to thank all of you for all your help and great job! You were all so nice!! So thank you for making this so much easier.

Dear Heidi, you really brightened my day and also my daughter and son in law - you'll never know how sweet those two words are "NO MOLD". You really made our day. Thank you again for your trip to the house and really helping us out. You are so appreciated.

"Customer Satisfaction was paramount!"

They did everything possible to keep me up to date on what they were doing. The workers were friendly and caring. Would tell my friends and family about this company. They helped us more than what any company would have. Treated us like family. The boss of the company was a wonderful man. I cant thank him enough. Great company! Wonderful people. God bless them

SERVPRO was exceptional in doing their job.

Justin was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was very knowledgeable and patient with all our million questions.

Very nice and knowledgeable during an overwhelming situation.

This has been a very stressful week but Justins smile, encouragement and the professionalism of his team has been most helpful. Our dentist office could not have opened this fast had it not been for SERVPRO.

Your staff were efficient, very professional and worked hard and fast to prevent further damage. We appreciate their efforts. Thank YOU!

Dear SERVPRO - Thank you for a job very well done on our basement, not to mention the fabulous response speed. You ROCK and I will continue to recommend your services to all. This card is one of my mothers painting made into a card! Take Care - Blessings Beryl

Gene, We haven't heard from court yet - but either way - you were AMAZING! I know all you did was tell the truth but that is exactly what we were trying to do. You are extremely professional and knowledgeable at what you do. Thank you for helping me with questions to ask. Sometime in the near future, we would like to take you and your wife out for dinner to thank you. Thanks so much to all of you for making this mold problem tolerable for us. We could not have done it without you.


We are very pleased with the work that was done on cleaning up our fire debris. The workers were very professional and hard working. Thank you so much and we will recommend and use your services again if need be.

Sincerely yours Tom and Judy